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KATA Canada Announcing Ketamine for Mental Health Conditions Practice Survey

An exciting opportunity to provide input to ketamine research in Canada is coming soon!

The research committee at KATA Canada has created the Ketamine for Mental Health Conditions Practice Survey as a step towards understanding how ketamine is currently being delivered for mental health conditions as well as to assess future potential research opportunities. The results obtained from the survey will add to the body of knowledge on the clinical uses of ketamine in Canada. 

It is known that there is significant variation in the way that ketamine is provided for mental health conditions, including different settings, routes of administration, treatment protocols, and professionals involved. The value in collecting this data centres around better understanding priorities for future observational research on ketamine practices in Canada, as well as the practicalities of pursuing such research.

The survey will take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. If there are multiple ketamine prescribers at one site, we recommend the survey be filled out only once to include the data for all professionals at the practice. Some topics include: practice setting, the treatment team, protocol data, business information and ketamine therapy barriers and opportunities. 

Providing ketamine for those experiencing mental health conditions is an emerging field in Canada and research plays an important role in ensuring safety, efficacy and ultimately accessibility to ketamine treatment. 

Please sign up to receive announcements about our survey, it will be posted on our website on the day of launch August 29th.

We look forward to hearing from you!